Pia Ve Dahlen

Pia Ve Dahlen, Academic Director Passion for Ocean:


Pia graduated as a marine biologist from the University of Bergen, and has spent the past decade teaching about everything that moves below the surface to pretty much everyone – from kindergarten children and all the way up to master’s degree students.


She is the Academic Director and one of the founders of Passion for Ocean; an organisation applying a positive approach to the spreading of knowledge and research in order to inspire individuals to do what is necessary to save our environment.


Pia enjoys everything that moves sideways, prefers the mountains to the city and finds it difficult to breathe if she stays for too long on dry land. She is an ambassador for the Infinitum Movement, Kystlotteriet, and Nordic Ocean Watch. Right now she is working with the development of iHavet, a knowledge platform aimed at gathering all ocean knowledge in one place.

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