Kristian Johnsen

Kristian Johnsen, CEO LetSea AS:


Kristian Johnsen has been the CEO of LetSea since 2001. He has a master’s degree in biology from NTNU, and an MBA from UIN. LetSea is located in Helgeland and has in later years become an important provider of applied research and testing for the aquaculture sector. Their most important customers are fish farm companies, research institutions, the fish feed industry, providers of raw materials and equipment providers.


LetSea is Norway’s largest privately owned research station and runs more than 200 research units in on-shore tanks and small-scale pens. They also offer research in full-scale pens. LetSea won the “Growth in the North” award and the 2017 “Gaselleprisen” thanks to their increased activities, focus areas and economic results.


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